That was a long period of silence here. Sorry. Well, we had a lot of work to do and at least (or at last) there is one message we can shout out: we finished the Recordings of our new Album a few weeks ago. Check out our pics to catch a few impressions. BTW we thank the 2 gangs that supperted us in "No Surrender". The message is clear now. And as usual, we fixed the first dates for this year already. Check shows.




we say goodbye for this year. Yes, that was a cool, funny and stressful year 2014.
Thank you Munich, for that breathtaking Thursday last week. We didn’t expect an experience like that.
But most of all we want to thank every single friend who supported us at StartNext. We did it!!
Hell Yeah. Thank YOU!

Merry X-Mas,
Happy New Year
A shitload of beer!




It was a blast this weekend! Thanks a lot to all who where there and made this to a great party! A lot of thanks also to the bands My lying paragon, Palace and Synasthasia! And on thursday we'll play our last show for this year. The first show in Munich!



Yeh mates, there are some news to be told. First of all we're glad to inform you, that our first digital single was released on 17.10.2014. You can prelisten and order it at the usual distribution platforms (e.g., By the way, THIS is what SAOL wrote. And same as last time, we offer you the second song of this digital single in low quality, but full length on soundcloud. Try it. Last but not least is our upcoming album 2015. Here is some info about our crowdfunding project: Grab your copy of the new album with personal dedication, YOUR NAME in the booklet, or one of the MANY OTHER rewards even now at
We work on new songs and rely on your support! Cheerio.


Good 1000km in the car behind us. And saturday experienced a successful organization at Mühlenbrand Festival in Düren. Thanks to the organizing team!
If you like to join us in Biberach this weekend, do it. The drinks are cheap and the music will be loud. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Saturday. 20:00. M-Pire. Biberach.



At least we ended our break and we were not lazy all the time. Because of our well known reason, we decided to record new vocals for a few songs. Further there will be a digital single you can get soon in the usual distribution platforms. And as a foretaste we put the songs on soundcloud. Try it. Two more will follow. The Single is called "Gunpowder Night" by the way. CU soon.



Summer break's almost over. Anyone in Switzerland next week? We are! Check Out In The Gurin. May see you next Saturday. 



Thx Chic. We were drunk... again. That was nice;-) CU in a few weeks. We've got summer break. Cheers.



Hell yeah, this was a weekend to our taste. Well the first night with Ektomorf, Vengince and Cold Snap we were pressed for time, because of that funfair in Stuttgart. But at last we could start our show just in time. Finally we were drunk. That's good. And the second night in Switzerland... Fuck A Duck, we had a "Aftershow-Show". Drinking, shouting and destroying the backstage area, while Conny was playing "Hit The Road Jack" on the piano. Thank you Lotrify. You rock!



We present compliments to all of you, who were in Simbach last weekend. We thank our friends of Cemetery Dust for having us this most excellent and boozy night. And to all the guys we drank with: we'd appreciate to do that again!
Now we're looking forward to repeat every single breath in Alsfeld this weekend :-) Join us in Aglarond on Easter Metal Clash!



Check out Radio Diabolus. Friday night we gave an interview. Very nice;-) We'll keep you up to date just as the interview is on air or online.



There is something that might interest you With a few (living) pictures and "Still", we created a little video. Maybe you like it. Check it out! --> Still



Thank you very much neighbours, for this amazing evening with Axxis. Some of you shouted with us and we appreciate that;-) And thanks for you guys of We Are Legend and Firefly. We had a great time backstage and we'd repeat that at anytime.

CU next year.



Hei mates check out our SHOP. There are some Xmas special offers for you. 



We've just added the first few shows for 2014. But don't forget there are still two more evenings this year, we're looking forward to. Hope to see some of you there.



Hei folks, we have to announce a decision. Finally. After that 2 very nice shows we noticed that we are lucky as we are. So we do not search for replacement. Oli will serve the Micro alone. CU soon at the end of november in Schwäbisch Gmünd. So stay with us, we're reloading ourselves...



Thank you Metalheads Germany for this nice evening in Alzey. We had fun and too much drinks;-)



You were totally awesome. Thank you Obermarchtal for this crazy evening.

Special thanks go to Guide To Oblivion and Mindreaper.

And very special thanks goes to Switzerland to Lotrify.




even after this first difficult decision our situation is still very complicated and our way unclear. But currently we are not planning to cancel any shows. So we want to keep all our appointments.






Hi people,

Unfortunately, we have to tell you today, that Anna and Larceny must go their separate ways in the future. Due to her professional and private life Anna cannot give us the place that we need. This was not easy for us because Anna was not only a band member, but she is a good friend.

we only wish you the best!


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